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Web Site Design and Search Engine Submission

A web site should work like a fast marketing machine and nothing less. That's why my websites tick - because I realize a functional marketing website ought to bring in cash and not just entertain visitors. What does your web site do?

SG Computer Services is the Web Site Developer PRO and will provide you (business or each individual customer) with website creation, search engine submission, updates, follow-ups and an initial free consultation. We offer entire web site creation and maintenance on current web sites, search engine submission, site optimization for best search engine listings, and domain name search.

What Our Wonderful Customers are Saying - Thank you for your comments and loyalty.

Sheila, I love it! It is all, and more, than I hoped for. You've done a great job! Thank you so much. Jean Huntley-Maynard

The work you did on the CD is exceptional, as usual.  We thoroughly enjoy working with you and we appreciate the flexibility you show as the project moves forward.

We keep spreading the word and promoting your work and hope to be involved in other projects with you as time moves forward.    I guess you can tell that we are happy with the situation as this is the third CD you have worked on, you designed our website, and for 3 years we used the posters you provided.  Also the logo you came up with has become an identifiable part of Jeanne’s musical personality.  Un gros merci!   February, 2008

Keep up the great work! -Jeanne (Doucet) Currie & Wayne Currie

"SG Computer Services - Friendly service with an open mind to what their clients are looking for"  This is why people come to SG Computer Services for their online needs. Sheila is an amazing web designer  "Her Heart is very much into her work"  If you're looking for satisfaction, you need not go anywhere else..... My New Slogan "SG Computer Services If They Can't Do It.. You Don't Need It Done" (DGB) David George Blackmore/Blackmore's Country.(2006)
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